Uwe Kitzinger 2013

First let me thank the people of Norway, fishermen, nurses, teachers, drillers on icy oil-rigs, whose taxes allow us this celebration.

Next I want to pay a huge tribute to my friend Svetlana Broz. It is she who inspired, founded, and runs GARIWO for twelve years now in effect single-handed.

One woman’s vision, her flair, her tireless work, her personal courage, have given GARIWO such salience in the region that it is now poised to spark off a social movement for citizens’ rights throughout the region.

To do that we want to involve a wider group of  influentialindependent personalities rooted in these countries. I trust that a number of our friends heretoday will volunteer to help uswith their advice and demonstrate their public support.

Last and above all I salute the twelve hundred young women and men crowding this hall.

Yes, Gariwo can show you examples of righteous people in evil - and also in better - times.  Yes, we can tell you of peaceful change, teach you non-violent protest, train you in constructive negotiation and in building bridges between people.

But in the end it is only your own idealism, your hard work, your networking across frontiers, and above all your own personal courage that can transform your future.


Let’s make it a Balkan Spring.

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Who bears the most blame for the lack of civil courage?


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