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The educational charity Gariwo is part of the network Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide (www.gariwo.net) and was registered in Sarajevo in 2001.

We campaign to develop civil courage among young people in the Balkans to stand up against ethnic and religious antagonisms, bigotry, intolerance of diversity, all kinds of group prejudice, corruption, intimidation, bullying, physical abuse and violence.


For a decade now we have used some 900 public lectures attended by over 100,000 people and covered by over 2000 media reports, our school and University visits, in-depth seminars, group training sessions, summer schools and a series of books to stress each individual’s civic responsibility and to create a network of socially conscious and committed youth across the Balkans.


Our main goal is to educate young people in the Balkans on civil courage to resist ethnic, religious, political, racial, gender, sexual and all other prejudices and intolerance, corruption, intimidation, bullying and abuse.

Civil courage

We define civil courage as the will and the practical skills to disobey, to resist, to oppose and to end by non-violent means the abuse of power by any public authority, any private enterprise or any individuals who deliberately neglect their duties or illegally use for their own advantage the levers of their political, economic or social power – whether in civic and political life, in the media, in business, or in the academic, ecclesiastical or family spheres.

Our Programme Education for Civil Courage

Is developed to mobilize the bravery of individuals.

Specific Aims of the Programme Education for Civil Courage

  • To raise public awareness of moral and social issues and their chief purpose
  • To encourage citizens to think in terms of their whole society rather than identify mainly with ethnic groups
  • To persuade citizens to take responsibility for changing their society
  • To inspire self-confidence that individual and collective action can succeed
  • To train particularly young people in the practical skills for constructive opposition

Dusko Kondor Civil Courage Awards

In memory of a colleague murdered five years ago for his civil courage in testifying to war crimes perpetrated by still powerful political figures we annually make “Dusko Kondor awards”– often posthumously – to individuals, families or groups such as journalists who have shown outstanding moral courage, and in extreme instances have given their lives for their neighbours or their convictions. Films about such heroic people or interviews with them are then given wide publicity on various TV channels as role models the region’s future.

Our series of documentary films about such heroic people or interviews with them are now given wide publicity on TV and in educational programmes. They provide role models for individuals to contribute to the reconstruction of civil society in a region even now to some extent ruled by the strong men and their retinues that emerged from the collapse of the Yugoslav state.

The lessons we have learnt in extreme circumstances here - and are still learning – may well be increasingly relevant also to the wider modern world.

Founder and support

Dr Svetlana Broz, a cardiologist, the author of Good People in an Evil Time and a granddaughter of former President Josip Broz Tito, is the founder and director of the organization. She has herself now given over 700 lectures, 2.000 interviews, and conducted over 50 seminars on civil courage.

We are supported by international private donations, some local civic grants, and at present especially by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Who bears the most blame for the lack of civil courage?


  • Chronicle of Evil; Konjic: 1992 – 1995

    Chronicle of Evil; Konjic: 1992 – 1995

    Goran Sarić's war diary is an extraordinary testimony about his and my town Konjic during the last Bosnian war, which can be taken as a paradigm for the representation of the war on the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the control of the Army of BiH.

  • Lazar Manojlović, a Man who does not give up

    Lazar Manojlović, a Man who does not give up

    The Book of Sorrow and Monition (Knjiga tuge i opomene) by Lazar Manojlović consists mainly of his newspaper articles published from 2009th to 2013th in which Manojlović deals with topics that are largely influenced his life and life in general in BiH.