May 20, 2016


In his book of essays, Caryatids of the Performing Arts, writer and theater director Gradimir Gojer touched on essential issues and protagonists for over nearly half a century of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina theater. The book, published by the Gariwo NGO, was launched at the St. Anthony's Church Mala Galerija on Bistrik.

Speaking at the launch were SARTR (Sarajevo War Theater) prima donna Selma Alispahić, director Haris Pašović, and writer and critic Vojislav Vujanović.

Dr. Selma Alispahić said: "Aesthetically, Gojer offers us incisive analyses of actors' roles, set designs, and the directing of his colleagues, never neglecting to note the ethical values manifested by the artists... Especially moving are the essays on his fellow directors such as the one about Sulejman Kupusović contributing the most to affirmation of Bosnia-and-Herzegovina writers and dramaturgy; on Dubravko Bibanović as an inspired poet of theater direction; and charming remarks on Haris Pašović's heretical relationship to local politics and the community..."

Further, she said, "After forty years dedicated to the theater, Mato Jerinić rightly deems Gradimir Gojer a powerful caryatid of the theater in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Gradimir has chosen to celebrate his own anniversary by writing about others, or, as Professor Gordana Muzaferija puts it, analysing the doings of others.

Vojislav Vujanović spoke of the ethical dimension of Gojer's essays, noting that the finest lines are about people who have not necessarily maintained a benevolent relationship with Gojer.

Professor Haris Pašović spoke with warmth and insight about his fellow director, saying that Gojer wrote his whole book about his actors, his directors, his set and costume designers, his writers... In high spirits he quipped to Dr. Selma Alispahić that she, too, was one of his actors and sooner or later he would work with her...

Organizing the event with the Gariwo NGO were the Croatian Society for Science and Art, to which Gojer belongs, and the St. Anthony Monastery. Attending was the cream of Sarajevo, among them several true caryatids, such as Kaća Dorić, Midha Musilović, Vesna Mašić, Josip Pejaković, Selma Alispahić, Vojislav Vujanović...

After the launch the assembled company went on enjoying the evening in the delightful atmosphere of the refectory.

Gariwo NGO Press Service

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