Other Literature

The following books and internet sites are recommended by GARIWO for further research on the topic of civil courage and the war that befell the former Yugoslavia.

La caccia. Io e i criminali di guerra
Carla Del Ponte
Feltrinelli, Milano, (2008)

Paix et Chatiment
Florence Hartmann,
Flammarion,Paris (2007)

Understanding Evil: Lessons from Bosnia
By Keith Doubt
Fordham University Press (2006)

Complicity With Evil
Adam Lebor
Yale University Press, (2006)

Il tribunale del bene
Gabriele Nissim
Mondadori (2003)

A Problem from Hell
By Samantha Power
Harper Collins Books, NY (2002)


Balkan Investigative Reporting Network
International Crisis Group

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Who bears the most blame for the lack of civil courage?


  • Chronicle of Evil; Konjic: 1992 – 1995

    Chronicle of Evil; Konjic: 1992 – 1995

    Goran Sarić's war diary is an extraordinary testimony about his and my town Konjic during the last Bosnian war, which can be taken as a paradigm for the representation of the war on the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the control of the Army of BiH.

  • Lazar Manojlović, a Man who does not give up

    Lazar Manojlović, a Man who does not give up

    The Book of Sorrow and Monition (Knjiga tuge i opomene) by Lazar Manojlović consists mainly of his newspaper articles published from 2009th to 2013th in which Manojlović deals with topics that are largely influenced his life and life in general in BiH.