May 10, 2013

Students from Amsterdam visited the NGO Gariwo

A group of 35 students of anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, visited today the NGO Gariwo and spent two hours in conversation with Svetlana Broz, the director of NGO Gariwo.

Svetlana Broz has presented to them all aspects of the work of NGOs Gariwo on the affirmation of civil courage and the beginnings of self-interest for the affirmation of civil courage.

Particular attention to students is drawn to the fact that the NGO Gariwo is the only one organization in the region that deals exclusively with civil courage and the only one that awards a prize for civil courage and affirmation of civil courage. They asked why the state does not grant such an award and affirm the civil courage considering that it should be in the interest of dealing with the past where the affirmation of civil courage can certainly help. The students were explained the political situation in BiH and in the region and the fact that the authorities in the countries of the region are to a greater extent based on the war heritage and if the authorities insisted on dealing with the past and the affirmation of positive examples would work on its own destruction.

Students were at the end brought to the attention on the fact that the court in The Hague is in charge for war crimes in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia, but unlike Rwanda, none of the clergy nor the journalists from former Yugoslavia has been convicted for war crimes, although there is evidence of spread hatred and calling for the crime by some journalists as well as some religious officials. Svetlana Broz asked the students why these two categories, clerics and journalists, only in the former Yugoslavia are amnestied of crimes and referred them to further research on this.

Press NGO Gariwo

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