October 30, 2015


The thirteenth volume of poetry and forty-third book in Gradimir Gojer's creative opus, Raising the Sails, was launched in the charming foyer of the Sarajevo National Theater. The collection was published by the Gariwo NGO of Sarajevo in their Kaleidoskop imprint (editor, Esad Kočan), as a contribution to the tenth anniversary of this non-governmental organization's publishing venture.

This launch is yet another part of the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of director and writer Gradimir Gojer's creative work.

Mostar journalist and TV Mostar producer Šemsudin Zlatko Serdarević and Sarajevo writer Bakir Makarević spoke about Raising the Sails. Gariwo NGO director Svetlana Broz moderated the presentation of Gradimir Gojer's work to the public, and she quoted from the review of the volume by Croatian writer Božica Jelušić.

In his remarks, Šemsudin Zlatko Serdarević drew a parallel between the local color evoked in Aleksa Šantić's poems and Gradimir Gojer's. Serdarević says: "The loneliness is clear, but Gojer's awareness brings to it creativity—the cognizance of an intellectual with a wealth of experience. In this collection of verse, slender yet significant in the power of its message, its artistic-aesthetic impact, characteristic of the depth of thought and lexical breadth of Gojer's life experience. In essence he is a sincere interpreter of his life, which imbues this collection with a dominant accidental...."

Makarević's perspective on Gojer's new collection can be summed up with his assessment that, "Gojer's  poetry may be challenging to embrace for people who are not as steeped as he in life experience hence are unable to grasp his messages... What Gojer offers us in this new work is a devastating intimacy, where each moment may inspire the next act of greatness."

Svetlana Broz spoke of the key features of Gojer's opus, his breadth and versatility. And the author himself spoke in the context of a dilemma—in response to reviewer Božica Jelušić's question. What does he belongs to more: the logic of a peacemaker or a mythmaker.

"We live in a time of myths. Everything I wrote in this book is, in a way, inspired by a great theatrical performance that is immersed in myth which I once long ago saw at the Belgrade Atelje 212 or I giganti della montagna by the great Luigi Pirandello. Everything that happens around us now is a virtual performance and only when I shut myself in four walls can I truly feel real life. We make myths from an unreal reality, while genuine miracles pass right by us, yet we aren't aware of them..." Gojer said in closing.

Gojer's poetry was read by Sarajevo actor Alija Aljović.

Gariwo NGO Press Service

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