To Teacher, with Love

A book named „To Teacher with Love“ is edited by Lazar Manojlović, who is also teacher and who is one of the authors in this book. He characterized this book as „an anthology“. What's immediately clear is that it is a collection of teacher-role models.

We conclude that on the basis of the names of some chapters and based on the selected authors and their works. Here are some chapter titles: „The Teacher in Prose“, „The Teacher in Poetry“, „The Teacher in Reportage“... Authors represented in the book are mostly eminent writers such as: Ivo Andrić, Branko Ćopić, Ćamil Sijarić, Pero Zubac and many others.

So, the goal is to show what the teachers ment to those giants of the writen word, but not only to them, and the goal is to show the importance of teachers in the personality development of each author. Being a teacher that Andrić remembered as one of the lighter examples in his life, it really is not a small thing.

The book is, in addition to examples of teacher-role models, filled with many other landmarks for successful educational work, and that means being a role model for students not only in knowledge, but also in every other aspect of students life. Therefore some chapters and  sayings  seem to have nothing to do with the teacher's pedagogical practices, such as, for example, the chapter „On religion“. This chapter is especially interesting because it has a lot of what is labeled as an atheist. In this chapter are presented views on religion, which mostly have a negative critical angle. This is so because the book emerged in Bosnia at the time when religion had (and still has) a strong influence in the lives of people in general, especially in education, that is religion instrumentalized by the politic in order to dividing people and cementing these divisions.

Because of this,  in its first appearance the book is prohibited in Bijeljina - the city where the author spent much of his life and the working life: „As such, it is not liked by parish of Serbian Orthodox Church in Bijeljina and its President, priest Nedeljko Pajić. Priest decided that the anthology should be banned. He used light-minded Mirko Babić, President of Serbian educational-cultural society 'Prosvjeta' in Bijeljina. They made a decision and send a prohibition in all schools and institutions of Bijeljina. In the prohibition is stated that: '... an anthology is detrimental to the Serbs children, because there are too many atheist messages ' and ' respect of author, he is the sick soul and let avoid him '" - written by the author.

However, this did not stop the book experience a several editions. Fourth Edition is published by the NGO Gariwo, 2007., and based on that edition this brief review is written. It is known that Lazar Manojlović is laureate of Duško Kondor Award for Civil Courage and that detail related to this book suggests that Lazar Manojlović is also one of the examples of teachers who are role models and that his anthology shows us a formative directions of his own spirituality.

Amer Tikveša

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