The Second Book in the Veritas Edition

NGO Gariwo has published a new book in Veritas edition. It is a book named "I'm not Howling with the Wolves" by Tomislav Jakić. This is the second, revised edition of the book that was first published in Croatia in 2010th. It is a kind of Tomislav Jakić's biography. His personality is not there in the forefront to speak about it, but more about the time that we could see through it. His personality, as Jakić said, serves to achieve authenticity.

Two items from his biography, most notably in the book are his work in TV Zagreb and his work as consultant for foreign policy of Stjepan Mesić, the Croatian President from 2000 to 2010.

When it comes to Jakić's pheriod of working as TV journalist, Jakić speaks about his experiences in socialism when he was at one time under pressure to join the Communist Party, but also he speaks about the fact that pressures of communism were nothing compared to those that followed in period of Franjo Tuđman. The purges were started and from the television was removed the author of the book.

Extremely interesting are Jakić's memories of Josip Broz Tito and understanding Tito and Yugoslavia in the world about what Jakić as a journalist who dealt with foreign policy knows a lot. It's not only interesting because of Tito and Yugoslavia, but also because of comparing relationship of political elites of the world toward Tito and Yugoslavia with those toward independent Croatia and its first president Franjo Tuđman. Tuđman's figure on the international scene is presented in its caricature, but it is a caricature without exaggeration, caricature which is factography.

From the period when he was a consultant of Stjepan Mesić particularly are interesting US-Croatian relations. Specifically, during the Croatian President Mesić's two presidential mandates, according to Jakić's writing, Croatia will begin to return its dignity. On the international political scene Croatia stops flatter to anyone, including the U.S.

Of course, there are a number of interesting things in the book such as relationship between Mesić and Ivo Sanader, Prime Minister of Croatia from 2003th to 2009th, rehabilitation of the Ustasha movement or anti-semitism in Croatia.

The book contains a number of photographs and documents that correspond to the text in a way that makes it more plausible. The book has 630 pages and has been published in 1500 copies.

This is the second book in Gariwo edition Veritas. Reviewers of the book are Svetlana Broz, director of NGO Gariwo, and Amer Tikveša, PR manager of the organization.

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