Slobodan Pejovic

Slobodan Pejovic, born on 04.10.1948, in Đakovica (Kosovo). He worked as a detective inspector in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Retired in 1993. Married, father of three daughters. Lives in Herceg Novi, Montenegro.

The Dusko Kondor Civil Courage Award is given to Slobodan Pejovic, because he expressed his civil courage as detective inspector in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Herceg Novi, although he was aware of the risks:

  • In 1991, disobeying the superior authorities when they wanted to mobilize him and send him to the front line in Croatia
  • In spring 1992, disobeying the authorities' order to arrest all Moslem refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina sheltering in Montenegro and hand them over to the forces of Radovan Karadzic in BH
  • In spring 1992, he saved the life of at least two Moslems (Bosniacs) by helping them to escape from the police station in Herceg Novi
  • Due to his continued opposition to the negative authorities, after the failed attempt of assassination, Slobodan Pejovic was suddenly retired in 1993, but that did not stop him to continue expressing civil courage after the end of the war in BH, testifying to the truth about the fate of a dozen Moslems arrested in Montenegro who were murdered after they had been handed over to the forces of Radovan Karadzic in BH
  • With all his acts, he exposed himself to the conviction of the environment in which he lived and worked that he is a "traitor" and his family was subject to public contempt
  • In the last few years, Slobodan Pejovic has been expressing his civil courage also as the main prosecution witness in the case initiated by the State Prosecutor of Montenegro against the highest-ranking officials of the Montenegro Ministry of Internal Affairs, who are indicted for issuing orders on arrest and handover of Moslems to the forces of Radovan Karadzic in 1992 and thereby causing the death of dozens of innocent people. This testimony, as well as his frequent public appearances in which he speaks clearly, unequivocally and convincingly about the biggest crime in Montenegro, exposed him to other problems - from physical assaults, through demolition of his car and death threats to being deprived of identification documents and thereby of the right to free movement.
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