Esad Alic

Esad Alic, born in 1972 in Derventa. He was a craftsman, a construction worker. He died in Kobas near Srbac on 10.09.2008.

The Dusko Kondor Civil Courage Award is given to Esad Alic posthumously because:

He willingly sacrificed his life to save the life of Asim Roso, his wife Mihreta and their two children: nine-year old daughter Serifa and seven-years-old son Mevludin

He expressed his civil courage when on 10 September 2008, about 10 pm, he was sitting at the table in cafée "Truba" in Kobas with 36-year-old Asim Roso, a 100% invalid since 2000, when, during de-mining activities in Orasje, he stepped on a mine and lost both legs to his hips. The moment he saw Zoran Safin, enter the cafe and throw a hand grenade which rolled under the wheelchair of Asim Roso, Esad yelled to Asim's wife: "Take care of the kids!" and rushed to the grenade, pushing Asim's wheelchair aside. When Esad threw himself on the hand grenade, it exploded and blew him to pieces. Esad Alic was killed instantly. Asim, his wife and children were only slightly injured by shrapnel. Esad Alic was survived by his son Kenan, born in Derventa on 1997.

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