June 10, 2013

NGO Gariwo demonstrates

As an organization that is for more than a decade dealing with education about the civil courage and its affirmation, we are very happy with non-violent protests in Sarajevo, but also with support to these protests throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world.

As participants in the protests, we substantiated claim that the protests for the unique identification number showed a remarkable level of civil activism and civil courage. We want UID to be an initial trigger to articulate other demands after adoption of law on UID in BH.

We considered as shameful statements of employees in the building of BH institutions, especially statements of parliamentarians which said that blockade was a hostage crisis and a terrorist act. BH citizens are the ones who are held hostage by politics which is created within the mentioned building but also the politics which is created by the alleged legitimate representatives of the people during last 20 years.

With such statements they once again have shown that they do not care about people and have shown that they do not deserve positions they have.

Of special mention are the statements of parliamentarians from the Republic of Srpska which have said that the protests are anti-Serb. We recognize their statements as just another attempt to present BH as impossible state for the purpose of its dissolution.

On the occasion of Aleksandra Pandurević's, parlamentarian of the Serbian Democratic Party in the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, statement: "... at the moment I saw one banner  'Shoulder to shoulder against fascism'. That means these protests are against us, parlamentarians from the a RS ... " we would like to say that the banners are not guilty if someone  recognize himself in fascism.
We support the petition for withdrawal mandate to mentioned parlamentarian and invite citizens to sign it: /www.onlinepeticija.com/.

We appreciate and support the initiative for criminal charges submission to the Prosecutor's Office of BiH against those who are responsible for the omission of the Law on UID . We will do that, and we invite the citizens to do the same: informer.ba/tekstovi/vijesti/gradanima-imaju-pravo-da-podnesu-krivicnu-prijavu-protiv-poslanika-parlamenta-zbog-neizvrsenja-odluke-ustavnog-suda-bih-o-jmbg-u/.

We appeal to police forces to refrain from using force, because the protests are also non-violent.

We appeal to all participants of protests to maintain the dignity that is shown since first day of protests and not to allow any violent act which will delegitimated their legitimate demands.

NGO Gariwo will via press releases and through participation in protests  give its suggestions and comments, as well as directly do whatever we think that can contribute to increase pressure on the government to solve as much as posible problems of BH citizens as soon as possible.

Press NGO Gariwo

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